Client Feedback

“Excellent facilitator, excellent facilitation skills and a great variety of activities kept the Graphic Facilitation course interesting.  Learning at this time of year becomes hard work – not with this workshop however!
Linda Roos, Group Head of HR, ooba, December 2018

“Jo, your approach made me feel so comfortable – your subtle, kindhearted way in which you make people think, truly is a a gift. I really appreciate that you:
– Provided a safe space to open up and be honest regarding my feelings;
– Provided a platform where I had to document certain focus areas and measurements;
– Challenged my thoughts even if it made me feel uncomfortable at times, in this way it actually allowed myself to admit my weakness so that I could learn from the experience and grow;
– Provided me with advice and literature on how to choose my focus, and not get bogged down with the negative discussions;
– Allowed me to practice my delegation skills by reminding me that I am in a different role, and I should not get involved in the operations, which also in turn resulted in my staff stepping up in their new roles.
– Assisted me in my personal space with regards to an area which was very emotional for me.
Thank-you, I really enjoyed working with you.
Tanya Gentry, Group QA Manager, Irvin & Johnson Limited, April 2018

“I truly believe that the coaching made a meaningful difference to the manner in which I influence those around me as well and the way in which I’m influenced by others. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions and will treasure the beautiful visual summaries you sent me after each session. It will certainly be my point of reference going forward.  I would like to thank you for three things, specifically:
– you dealt with all issues until they were resolved which meant that I could really move on every time without underlying issues popping up thereafter,
– you took time to understand the real underlying challenges which helped me to see the eventual clearer picture,
– you identified and clarified the importance of my strengths which meant that I could complete my final plan with real and meaningful how to’s.
Great job, thank-you.”
Jacques du Preez, Commercial Manager, On The Dot, December 2017

I found the coaching with Jo to be hugely valuable to me in navigating a new and very challenging stage in my career. Jo was brilliant at leading me along the path to actually finding my own answers and solutions to challenges with a good balance of providing practical suggestions along the way.”
Samantha Horak, CFO, Indigo Brands, November 2017

Thanks Jo, I really enjoyed the sessions.  There were times when my mind was stuck in a negative spiral; you helped me see the light and I always felt better by the end of the session.  You were an amazing sounding board, and so knowledgeable. The visual coaching maps were amazing and really helped me to remember so much more. Thanks for being patient with me and allowing me time to think.”
Delegate, CCBA Group, November 2017

The coaching has been an amazing journey; I loved it and didn’t want it to end.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and the level of trust, which was huge for me.  I loved the way the visuals mapped out everything so that I can keep going back to the insights from the sessions. The coaching helped me grow in my way of thinking and applying myself.  It taught me that I control what I can, and reminded me that the journey is about me, and no one else.  A positive mind and spirit results in a positive atmosphere which yields positive results both in my personal life and business.”
Sadie Campbell, Account Manager, Freudenberg, November 2017

I appreciate that you are always present and prepared in a coaching session, and how you adapt yourself and the session to suit me.  You have been patient and allowed me time to think.  I love the visual aspect of the coaching – its more interesting, and at the end I have appealing, colourful notes and maps to look back on to remind me of the process and what I have learnt.”
Pauline Witbooi, Learning and Development, CCBSA, June 2017

Jo’s coaching ability and skill provided a positive safety-net and a soft and gentle guiding hand in the small of my back enabling me to step forward in confidence, so that I wasn’t straying off on a side path on my journey of self-discovery. Her generosity, flexibility and light, but powerful, touch were amazing in granting me the space I really craved to stretch and test my wings as I took off to soar ahead, without restriction or anxiety. Thank you – it has literally been life changing and truly powerful beyond measure. I will benefit forever from these sessions and have recommended Jo to many people. It is a gift that keeps on giving!
Lee Ireton, National Channel Manager, Indigo Brands, May 2017

GIBS collaborated with Jo to design our annual faculty conference for 2017 entitled “Explorations and Expressions of Context”.  Jo is a talented designer and was able to work with a myriad of stakeholders at GIBS to design an innovative and effective process.  The use of visual thinking as a mechanism to think differently about our context as educators was well received by faculty and provided GIBS with a series of visuals, both at team and individual level, richly embedded with meaning and implementable actions.  Jo is a superb facilitator – she seamlessly facilitated her process to some 40 faculty members, who are by definition are a tough audience, to great result.  Faculty who participated included our founding Dean, Nick Binedell (who applied the visual thinking the day after in class) and our current Dean Nicola Kleyn who co-designed the 2-days with Jo and our design team. I look forward to working with Jo in the future and would highly recommend the use of her services.
Gillian Cross, GIBS Innovation

My time spent with Jo was more valuable to me than any other course I have ever attended in my career.  I value her as a thinking partner and will always appreciate her contribution, through her coaching support, to my career and personal life.
Nathalie Hendricks, Employee Relations Specialist, Appletiser

Your input was enriching and meaningful, and your engaging response to students and their questions was quite something. I have great respect for you, your approach, and the kind of work you do.
Dr Suki Goodman, Head: Organisational Psychology, University of Cape Town

Learning to express myself with drawings and symbols really helped me. Visuals helped paint what I would have taken twenty minutes to summarize. It also improved and challenged my ability to convert my thoughts and feelings into one simple symbol or picture.
Delegate, New Manager’s Programme, UCT Graduate School of Business

Jo’s intervention added significant value. Her work was always well-planned, thorough and of a superior quality. We can now align our strategic goals with our business goals. Every member of staff now knows what is expected of them to achieve the company’s strategic goals. The goals are formulated to be measurable and are directly linked to the company’s remuneration structure. Jo’s whole process inspired the staff and generated a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We will appoint Jo again and willingly recommend her.
Gustav Bester, MD, Bester Feed and Grain

Jo Hobson, our facilitator and business coach to the management team, was vital in creating a structured and productive workshop and ensuring people could contribute the best of themselves in creative and unique ways.
Izane Mynhardt, National Events Manager, Elizabeth Arden

I am very grateful for the insight that I am gaining from our session. Although it is tough; every session is an enriching experience. Thank you for stimulating my inquisitive and probing mind with valuable knowledge and tools.
Ronelle Fortuin, Africa Key Accounts Manager, Elizabeth Arden

Coaching with Jo allowed me to open my mind. I was able to see myself as being better than I ever thought I would be. It was a simple way of learning and very easy to understand. It changed my life professionally and personally.
Ashley Mazingi, HR Manager, Pick ‘n Pay

Thank you for a wonderful learning experience that has added an exciting new dimension to my facilitation practice. Apart from all the practical learnings around graphic facilitation which were both practical and fun, I must compliment you on the care and generosity that you showed to myself and the other delegates on the programme. You have gone to great trouble to make sure that we come away from this learning experience with real skills that we can actually use in practice. It was an extremely enjoyable two days and very worthwhile.
Dr Julian Day

What an inspiring, educational and confidence building 2 days … learning how to facilitate graphically… highly recommended!
Sean Woodley

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