Services for Graphic Facilitation, Employee Engagement, Team Development and Executive Coaching

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation helps individuals and teams to plan, brainstorm, strategize, set goals, resolve conflict and reach agreement. It is a powerful learning tool that engages whole brain thinking.

Jo is passionate about working visually with her clients.  She has designed and facilitated workshops and conferences where graphic facilitation and visual thinking techniques are used, for example :

  • to reflect on team successes
  • review projects
  • develop business strategy
  • communicate action-learning
  • establish academic research identities
  • integrate learning

Jo offers Graphic Facilitation training to share her techniques and experiences (download the pdf brochure here).

More recently Jo has certified as a Visual Coach, and has integrated visual techniques into her Executive Coaching.

Jo uses the Neuland material for all of her visual work and is an ambassador for their merchandise.  Have a look at Jo’s Choice of Neuland products for visual facilitators.

GIBS collaborated with Jo to design our annual faculty conference for 2017 entitled “Explorations and Expressions of Context”.  Jo is a talented designer and was able to work with a myriad of stakeholders at GIBS to design an innovative and effective process. [read more…]

            Gillian Cross, GIBS Innovation

Graphic Facilitation  Graphic Facilitation  Graphic Facilitation  Graphic Facilitation  


Employee Engagement

Organisations require their people to focus on and direct their energy towards what is important to the organisation. People need to live the values framed on the walls and implement the change designed in the boardroom.

Employee Engagement is the tool that unlocks people’s potential at work. When employees are engaged, they are connected to their work and their organisation. They see the bigger picture and understand the part they are playing. They find meaning in their work and are committed to contributing fully. Engaged employees go further, deliver better results, delight more customers, and live the organisation’s brand better than non-engaged employees. They add to the organisation’s bottom line.

Jo’s work has always focused on helping people to think, learn and grow to the benefit of themselves and their organisations.  To further this endeavor Jo now partners with Employee Engagement specialists, Free To Grow, as a Licensee and Consultant.  Jo views the Free To Grow OD approach, learning design and high impact programmes as world-class.

Read more about Free To Grow, their programmes, footprint and impact of their work.



Team Development

A team will sustain high performance if it thinks together and works collaboratively toward agreed goals. A high-performing team delivers excellent customer service, meets project deadlines and delivers results.

A great team with a clear vision can provide astonishing results. Jo uses her organizational psychology training, corporate experience and coaching skills to build great teams. She gets teams to think together, to develop healthy relationships, to set common goals, and to deal with conflict through the ability to have tough conversations.

Some teams only need help with a part of their effective functioning, such as finding a common language to talk about shared issues, or coping with a 24/7 work environment. Other teams require an intervention which may include reflecting on the team history, understanding the context in which the team is operating, agreeing on a vision and a game plan, or sustaining high performance under challenging conditions.

Jo’s tools for team facilitation include the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance model, Time to Think, Appreciative Inquiry, and team coaching principles.

Jo has worked successfully with executive teams, project teams and sales teams.

Your input was enriching and meaningful, and your engaging response to students and their questions was quite something. I have great respect for you, your approach, and the kind of work you do.

                Dr Suki Goodman, Head: Organisational Psychology,

                 University of Cape Town

                    [read more…]

Executive Coaching

Jo is a psychologist and coach who helps people to achieve their goals through improved thinking and learning. The result is increased success professionally and personally.

Jo uses a brain-based, solutions-focused approach combined with visual coaching techniques. The methods of David Rock, Nancy Klein and Christina Merkley are her inspiration.

Through coaching, Jo helps her clients achieve and sustain their professional and personal goals with the aim to improve performance, achieve results and realize fulfillment at work.

Jo’s clients are executives who need assistance with developing strategy, leading performance, managing conflict, developing positive work relationships, managing transition, developing teams, or managing a healthy lifestyle within the context of a demanding corporate job.

Jo is an accredited executive coach through Results Coaching Systems (RCS). Her clients include public and private organizations in retail, food and beverage, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, science and technology.

I found the coaching with Jo to be hugely valuable to me in navigating a new and very challenging stage in my career. Jo was brilliant at leading me along the path to actually finding my own answers and solutions to challenges with a good balance of providing practical suggestions along the way.

              Samantha Horak, CFO,

            Indigo Brands, November 2017

The coaching has been an amazing journey; I loved it and didn’t want it to end.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and the level of trust, which was huge for me.  I loved the way the visuals mapped out everything so that I can keep going back to the insights from the sessions. The coaching helped me grow in my way of thinking and applying myself.  It taught me that I control what I can, and reminded me that the journey is about me, and no one else.  A positive mind and spirit results in a positive atmosphere which yields positive results both in my personal life and business.

              Sadie Campbell, Account Manager,

              Freudenberg, November 2017

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